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Coming Fall 2016

The Charter Incubator Initiative provides assistance to charter schools that are seeking to increase the level of educational services for students who are underserved, unprivileged, and delinquent or at risk. The program offers various services to schools involved within the program, including but not limited to establishing charter petitions, locating facilities, increasing enrollment, providing professional development, and back office support. Through implementing tutoring and special education programs for challenged students, AER works with charter middle schools grades 5th through 8th to improve student performance and test scores. In addition to supporting charter schools that are already operating, AER also offers support to highly motivated educators with strong passion and determination to open new charter schools in the area.

While the organization strengthens the level of education for charter middle schools in Los Angeles, there is still an ongoing issue regarding the lack of high performing high schools in the area. AER has identified several traditional public high schools listed on the California's 1,000 Worst Schools List that these middle school students traditionally matriculate to as a high school option. Since these listed high schools are performing below California's standard with an average API under 600, AER must also plan to increase the number of quality high school options available to these students of color, in addition to improving the overall test scores of those students in the incubated schools. To solve this issue, AER seeks to incubate two new charter high schools within four to five years, as well as continue implementing its high school placement program, Greater Educational Milestones (GEMs).

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