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Amanda R. Thompson

Andre Gaines

Anthony Whitney

Aquanetta Hardy

Armando Molina

Aubry Nurse

Beasley Designs and Print

Berry Smith

Byron McGee

Candida Pitts

Carol Raymalone

Carol A. Martinez

Carolyn Carolina

Cedric Starring

Cheryl Day

Clarence Espinosa


Cynthia Patten

Cynthia Pitts

Danny Smith

Daphne McClendon

Dapne Coleman

David Taylor

Deborah evans

Debra Hall

Delores R. Aiken

Deloris Lacy

Doris Taylor

Edith Fort

Esteban Carlos Meza

Fresh Prints of L.A.


Gwendolyn Calhoun

Harrison Jackson

Howard Ward

Jackson and Family

Jennifer Collins

Jesus M. Cervantes

Jonathan Ware

Joyce Patton

Karen Chisolm

Kayley King

Kendrick Lamar

Kevin and Nicolle Tucker

Kevin Murray


LA Print Media

Lashawn Hunter

Lavonya Murray

Lee Ross

Leslie V. Theroith

Linda Neino

Lisa and Carl Winston

Lori Lujano

Mark Rhymes

Mark Thomison

Monet Dijette-Pierce

Monique D. Brown

Nakita Carter

Nechelle and Wayman

Nicole and Kevin Tucker

Nikki Carter

Nikole Fierro

Olivia C. Taylor

AER would like to give a special tribute and acknowledgement to individuals and

businesses for their contributions.

Patricia Clesete Chambers

Paula Miller

Randy Randolph

Rebecca I. Bernal

Reginald Black

Renee and Rod Brooks

Sandy Willis

Sharlon Coates

Sharon D. Moore

Sharon Y. Adams

Shelly Franklin

Shezzell Johnson

State Farm (Carl Winston)

Steven Tiggs

Susan Bradshaw

Telly Richardson

The Douglas Family

The Parker Family

Thomas Hamilton

Trina Beavers

Tommy Thompson

Valerie Mendoza

William Bell

William Butler

William Johnson

William Vivian 

Zshatwa Plummer

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