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Coming Spring 2015

In addition to assisting with the implementation of better quality education through the Incubator and GEMs programs, AER also plans to increase the number of African American and Latino American male students attending colleges and universities. The Saving Male Individual Lives Everyday (S.M.I.L.E.) program initiative is an investment in minority male youth, aged 8 to 24. Within this group, AER also looks to service males who are troubled and/or have had a brush with the juvenile system.

S.M.I.L.E. is a male-to-male mentoring program addressing many of the social issues that plague African American and Latino American adolescents. AER aims to mentor them on life skills, drug and gang violence, teenage pregnancy, the importance of family and community, career training, GED services, Job Placement, etc. AER will accomplish this goal by helping establish 10 new nonprofit organizations per year that will service at least 100-200 young boys of color per organization.

AER will provide Grant funding and facilities to each new nonprofit established. We are seeking to find 10 strong community male leaders each year who have a passion for mentoring. It is our goal to create a pathway to building new mentoring nonprofits while solving community crises within our male youth.

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